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Designed in the USA by OMTech's expert laser engineers, our machines undergo thorough quality control in the United States, with on-site installation and training by a USA-based engineer, guaranteeing top-notch service and support for your metal fabrication needs.

Based in the USA

OMTech is an industry leading Southern California based laser machinery company striving for innovation and accessibility. In just a few years, our brand has quickly grown into one of the largest online sellers of laser machines.


We're able to create personalized machines according to your business needs. From power wattage to additional add-ons like tube cutting or robotic arms, we can build the perfect metal-cutting machine for your business.


Invest in our machines without financing pressure, we have partnered with First Citizen Bank to provide the best loaning options for your business. External financing options are welcomed as well.



Laser Metal Sheet&Tube Cutters
FC-105T FC-105SAT
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Laser Welders
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About OMTech

We garnered over ten years of experience in the laser engraving industry before launching OMTech out of Anaheim, California. We believe in US-based customer service and technical support, so our skilled laser technicians and 30-year industry veterans are here to solve customer problems efficiently and effectively.  This brand has grown into the largest online seller of laser engravers. Our mission: to make quality laser machines accessible to all.

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Mike Carlito (CBO)
Dive into an immersive metal fabrication experience and get a firsthand view of an active operational warehouse space operated by our team of metalworking professionals. Whether you’re exploring possibilities, evaluating your options, or simply want to see how the machines work in person, our Demo Room is designed to engage, inform, and educate.

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