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Live Demo Room

Visit Our Live Demo Room Today For an Exclusive Discount

Welcome to the OMTech FC demo room, where you are able to explore our industrial FC machines in person to see them cut and operate in real-time. Dive into an immersive metal fabrication experience and get a firsthand view of an active operational warehouse space operated by our team of metalworking professionals. Whether you’re exploring possibilities, evaluating your options, or simply want to see how the machines work in person, our Demo Room is designed to engage, inform, and educate. Book a Demo Room visit with us today!

Walkthrough of our Demo Room Experience

Step 1: Book Your Demo Room Visit

  • Pick a time slot that works best for you (can only book at least 7 days in advance) 
  • Fill out the form stating what specific materials you’d like to test on and submit design cut files in .dxf format ONLY (files must be sent to us 7 days before the scheduled visit) 
  • If you would like to test on other materials, you can bring or send in your own materials to our warehouse address (note: we can not guarantee results on untested materials) 

Step 2: OMTech Will Contact You via Email and Phone

  • You will receive appointment confirmation emails with a copy of your application and more details on our location, time, policies, and everything you need to know prior to your visit 
  • Our sales rep will also contact you through phone and email within 24h to confirm your metal-cutting materials and your metal-cut files 

Step 3: Visit the Demo Room 

  • Please review the email confirmation thoroughly before the Demo Room visit
  • We will also need to check you in and issue visitor tags before walking you inside as a safety precaution
  • Our sales rep will greet you out front and walk you through our warehouse facility upon arrival

Available Machines

We currently have the following machine(s) available for demo