Cypcut Software: The Best Laser Software for Fiber Metal Cutting

The fiber laser cutting software you select has a significant impact on your final product. As a laser cutter user, you interact with the software a great deal before your machine even makes its first cut, so you need a program to enhance your experience while also getting the job done. 

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What to Look for in a Laser Cutting Software

Laser cutting software has evolved quickly, and there are many types to choose from. A simple internet search for the best program can produce a staggering number of results, which can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can narrow down your options by asking a few essential questions:

  • Is it user-friendly? There will be a learning curve when you implement any new software program. However, an overcomplicated program can confuse the entire process, affecting how the final product turns out. 
  • Does it have CAD, CAM, and control capabilities? CAD (computer-aided design) software has an interface where you can create or upload your designs. CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) programs encode the graphic so the laser cutter can understand it. Control software communicates between the computer and the machine. All three functions are necessary to use a laser cutter. Ideally, a program will have all three capabilities, so you do not have to purchase additional applications. 
  • Does it maximize the materials? The materials you use in laser cutting can be costly and inconvenient to source. A program that can help make the most of every workpiece can save you an immense amount of time and money. 
  • Does it promote fast cutting? The maximum speed at which your machine can operate depends entirely on its hardware capabilities. However, the right software can make the process more efficient, shaving time off your projects.  
  • Is it compatible with your machine? If the software cannot communicate with your fiber laser cutting machine, it is essentially useless.

Introducing: Cypcut Software

Cypcut is a laser cutting and nesting software that automates the highly technical CNC (computer numerical control) operations required in metal fabrication. One of the reasons Cypcut is a popular metal cutting software is that it combines the functionality of CAD, CAM, and control tools in a single product.  

How to Use Cypcut Software

Follow this link to install Cypcut, and connect to your OMTech fiber laser cutting machine. Note that your computer must have at least 4 GB of RAM and 2 USB ports and be equipped with an operating system of Windows 7 or above. Your monitor must have a VGA interface with a resolution of 1280 × 1024 or greater. 

Features and Functions

Cypcut's user-friendly graphical interface allows you to draw and edit your designs with ease. The software's workpiece framing, nesting, and fly cutting features decrease cutting times and save on materials. Additionally, with the ability to connect to OMTech's FC line of powerful fiber laser cutters, Cypcut delivers a lot in just one software package.  

Cypcut's operational flow encourages efficiency with its logical sequence:

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Cypcut's BCS100 controller has a simple user interface to help you maintain control over the laser's height, work speed and jog speed, acceleration, origin settings, edge detection, and more. To preserve the integrity of the cuts and protect the unit, the controller includes an anti-collision feature and vibration suppression.  

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User Interface

Cypcut software's interface is equipped with easy-to-navigate drop-down menus, icons, toolbars, and ribbon gallery. The comprehensive design tools give you complete control of your graphics and the convenient display makes accessing these tools quick and efficient. The software's automatic optimization function will auto-correct user errors like invisible shapes or lines and duplicates. 

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Nesting refers to the technique of arranging your design components in a way that reduces wasted space on the screen and your workpiece. Laser nesting allows you to maximize your materials while decreasing total project times. Nesting is used widely for metal fabrication, metal bending, and laser welding.

Nest cutting is a time-consuming practice for some software programs. These less-than-intuitive applications require users to move their design elements around manually to find an optimum cutting position. Cypcut will nest your objects automatically with just a few clicks so you don't have to constantly drag your items around the screen to find the perfect fit. 

Fly cutting 

Fly cutting is a huge time-saver in metal fabrication. When we use standard toolpaths, the laser automatically switches off as the laser head travels from one element to the next and then turns back on when it's time to resume cutting. However, when we utilize fly cutting, the laser remains on as the laser head travels.

Fly cutting, metal cutting, nesting, Cypcut software, operational flow

As you can expect, fly cutting is a highly complex technical function. Furthermore, software that allows for fly cutting, must also employ collision protection and path optimization to make it possible. Although not all software programs support fly cutting capabilities, Cypcut does. Using the fly cutting method, forging times are drastically reduced.


Cypcut software is fully compatible with all OMTech FC fiber laser metal cutting machines. Our FC line models can come standard, or we can also specially customize the machine to meet your metal cutting needs. We equip our FC laser cutters with a top-of-the-line IPG power source, industrial-grade laser head, Cypcut software, removable work bed, and more in a solid, compact design. Also included is a lifetime of technical product support, a 2-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.    

To get you off to the best start possible, we provide free installation and training when you purchase a machine from our FC line. One of our professional, experienced technicians will come to your workspace to help you get your machine up and running and educate your team on the fundamentals of setup, safety, maintenance, and software. 

Need Help with Cypcut Software?

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