The Power of Industrial Fiber-Laser Water Chiller Technology

So you've got your brand new fiber-laser cutter in place and you're ready to start your laser journey. You're excited to start your operations, but there's only one problem: how do you cool the machine off?

The whole point of a laser-cutting machine is that the laser vaporizes solid metal, so it doesn't take a physicist to know they can get pretty hot. That means you'll need an industrial water chiller to keep your laser cutter within the necessary temperature range. 

While sparing you most of the specs, this compact guide to laser water-chiller should give you an overview of the technology, why it's so important for the laser industry, and the benefits a quality water chiller can bring to your laser cutting business. 

What Is Laser Water-Chiller Technology?

A laser water chiller is really little more than your typical heat-exchanging device. Fiber lasers can get hot, and that extra heat can hinder your machine's performance. With a water chiller, you can remove excess heat so that your fiber laser operates near its optimal temperature. 

The Importance of Proper Cooling for Industrial Fiber Lasers

Your laser cutter can get hot—really hot. Some laser beams can reach temperatures of up to 1,000°C. It’s this heat that helps you cut through that metal like butter. 

fiber laser cutter with hot laser beam

The problem, however, is that the heat from those laser beams can degrade your system over time. Excess heat can also be a source of optical noise, scattering the laser beam and reducing its effectiveness. Overheating can also damage sensitive laser diodes or transistors, as well as other components within the machine. 

An efficient chiller unit passes recirculating fluid across the laser tubes and other components, keeping the laser machine within the desired operating temperature range. That makes it a critical component of any laser-cutting device. 

Key Features of Laser Water-Chillers

Since water chillers are such an important part of laser technology, finding one that meets the needs of your application is essential if you want to keep your laser cutter up and running. Here are some key features to look for. 

High-Precision Temperature Control

Some lasers require narrower temperature windows than others, so you'll need a laser chiller that can cool your system to the required specifications. 

For example, a fiber laser should typically not exceed 26°C. So, you would need to find a laser water chiller that could handle the corresponding demands. The variation in temperature ranges means you'll need a laser water chiller with high-precision temperature control. This will help keep you within the narrowest ranges. 

High Cooling Capacity

Knowing the temperature range is only part of matching the laser machine with the proper laser water chiller. You'll need to know the heat load that your chiller has to remove—otherwise, your system may still overheat. 

Your laser water chiller’s cooling capacity depends on multiple factors, including: 

  • Maximum temperature. The temperature your laser machine reaches during operation.
  • Target temperature. The range your machine should operate within.
  • Flow rate. The amount of coolant passes through the system per unit of time.
  • Cooling fluid. Systems that use air cooling are usually less efficient than those that employ water or the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a. 

Crunching the exact numbers may seem daunting, so it's important to find a laser water-chiller supplier that offers quality support along with the specs you need for your fiber cutter. Luckily, your OMTech fiber-cutting machine purchase comes with a robust water chiller to accommodate your laser-cutting needs!

FC-105 OMTech fiber cutting machine

For example, our FC-105CFC-105FC-105SAT, and FC-105SA fiber-laser cutters all operate at different laser power levels ranging from 1.5 kW to 6 kW. Fortunately, every fiber cutter purchase includes a laser water chiller and other accessories that can keep the system running under the right conditions. OMTech products are made to endure long-term, industrial usage, which is only made possible due to high-quality designs and innovative water chiller technology. 

When sizing out the right chiller for your laser cutter, it's often a good idea to multiply the cooling tonnage you think you need by a factor of safety to make sure that you have enough. Typically, adding an extra 20% will suffice. 

Benefits of Laser Water Chillers

Laser water chillers are essential for the effective operation of your laser cutting device, offering many benefits to not only the technical side of operations but also your business as a whole. A few benefits that a laser water chiller brings to the table are:

  • Extended lifespan. A laser water chiller prevents your machine from overheating. That extends the lifespan of your device, saving you money in the long haul.
  • Enhanced performance. By reducing excess heat, a laser water chiller can cut down on interference — which may otherwise lower your laser's quality — and help your laser cut better.
  • Reliability. A laser water chiller is a tried and true device used for refrigeration. It’s steady and highly reliable and makes your laser system less likely to fail. 
  • Improved safety. Overheating can cause not only the breakdown of a laser machine but also harmful burns to the employees operating the machine. By reducing the risk of overheating, laser water chillers improve your workplace safety. 
  • Energy efficiency. Laser water chillers are the most energy-efficient way available. If you don’t use a laser water chiller, you’d have to cool down your entire operating space to keep the machine within the desired temperature range or resort to another method. 

Perhaps, most importantly, another benefit of using a laser water chiller is the reduced downtime and subsequent profitability that your operations may enjoy. If you don’t have to worry about overheating, your laser machine can do more — and that makes your business more profitable. 

Leverage the Power of Fiber Lasers With Water Chiller Tech

Laser technology has come a long way in recent years, but proper cooling remains a critical part of the process. Whether your application involves laser engravers for artistic creation or a high-powered industrial laser for precision cutting and fabrication, you need a laser chiller that can keep up with the rest of your operations. 

fiber laser cutter laser head cutting metal

At OMTech, we've leveraged our decades of engineering expertise to build high-performing laser cutting technology, along with reliable industrial water chillers to go with it. Our innovative industrial chiller design can help keep your laser machine operating at its maximum efficiency for long-term usage. 

When it comes to finding a substantial water chiller for your fiber laser machine, OMTech has you covered! Your fiber-laser cutter purchase automatically comes with the best water chiller for that specific model, forgoing the need to search for an adequate water chiller for fiber-cutter machines. 

Whether you'd like to find out which water chiller for laser cutter application works best or already have one in mind, you can contact our experts today!