The Anatomy of a Cut: How OMTech Fiber Cutters Shape Your Production

In an industrial setting, OMTech's Fiber Cutters stand out as the epitome of technological advancements, meticulously crafting metals and alloys into precision-engineered products. The transformation process, facilitated by a high-power laser, fuels innovation and expands potential applications.

FC-105SAT, OMTech Laser Cutter, Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

OMTech's Fiber Cutter machines are equipped with the latest fiber laser technology, a powerful mechanism that guarantees speed and precision. This innovative technology is revolutionizing the sector, offering an efficient and precise method to process various materials.

OMTech’s recently released and flagship models of Fiber Cutters: the FC-105SA, the FC-105T, and the FC-105SAT, truly embody a perfect fusion of power, precision, and efficiency.

Each of these distinctive models is a powerhouse:

FC-105SA: This model offers simplified operations. Its main selling points are its high-powered cutting capabilities, easy dual exchange shuffle bed, and fully-enclosed machine structure - all meticulously designed for safety and reliability.

FC-105T: Picture this model as a multi-talented performer, taking center stage with an additional rotary axis. Like an acrobat, it adds a unique twist to cutting operations, providing capabilities such as tube cutting. It extends the boundaries of fiber laser technology, gifting the clients more freedom and greater flexibility in their projects. With the FC-105T, you can cut through materials in new ways, just as your favorite scientist might introduce you to a fascinating new discovery.

FC-105SAT: Imagine this model as the maestro conductor of the laser cutting world, masterfully blending the strengths of both SA and T models. It not only ensures the reliability of standard fiber cutting but also expands its horizons by incorporating tube cutting capabilities. Like a fun and interactive science experiment that combines different elements to form something extraordinary, the FC-105SAT is the embodiment of cutting-edge technology, opening the doors to limitless creativity, precision, and power.

The machines employ the latest fiber laser technology, assuring an incredible synergy of speed and precision, and being highly power-efficient in nature.

The Laser Cutter's Toolkit

Central to the fiber cutter's operation is the laser resonator, which is crucial in determining the cutting speeds and the types of materials suitable for processing. The laser beam, often no wider than a human hair, is magnified, amplified, and directed towards the workpiece by the cutting head. This component focuses the laser beam to a pinpoint, similar to focusing sunlight through a magnifying glass, heating a tiny area of the material to incredibly high temperatures, causing it to melt or vaporize.

The Method of Operation

The quality of the cut primarily depends on how the OMTech Fiber Cutter interacts with the material. Essentially, the operation involves a two-step process: melting and ejecting the material. The laser beam first melts or vaporizes the material. To achieve clean cuts, the molten or vaporized material, known as kerf, needs to be removed, a task performed by the assist gas.

Utilizing gases like oxygen or nitrogen, the assist gas clears the kerf of molten material, leaving behind a clean and flawless cut. Oxygen facilitates an exothermic reaction with the heated metal, supplying additional heat for faster cutting speeds. Nitrogen, however, prevents oxidation, making it a suitable choice for materials such as stainless steel.

The Marvel of Cutting Technology

OMTech fiber cutters transform every raw material into a meticulously crafted component with exceptional machine accuracy. This accuracy, which can detect variations less than the thickness of a human hair, represents an unparalleled precision within the cutting industry. Furthermore, since the laser light is the only part of the machine making contact with the workpiece, tool wear is nonexistent, ensuring consistent and identical cuts throughout the operation.

Diving into the intricacies of cutting technology reveals the science, methodology, and precision behind each flawless cut in metal fabrication. OMTech Fiber Cutters epitomize power, precision, and consistency, transforming raw materials into functional works of art. This transformation underscores the allure of the process, captivating not only with the final product but with the elegance of its creation.


At OMTech, safety is of paramount importance, encompassing both immediate factors such as laser dust and broader operational methodologies. Our offerings, including hands-on installations and comprehensive training sessions, a 2-year warranty, and accessible U.S.-based support, are devised to prioritize your satisfaction and safety.

Additionally, our flexible financing options facilitate the acquisition of our high-performance machines. We encourage potential clients to explore our fiber cutters further by booking a consultation or visiting our Demo Room in Anaheim, CA. With OMTech, you gain access to cutting-edge technology coupled with the assurance of safety and efficiency throughout your fiber cutting journey.