The OMTech FC-44 - Big Business, Compact Package.


The OMTech FC-44 Provides Power and Precision in A Compact Frame.

In the realms of business and manufacturing, the continuous quest for efficiency and exceptional quality is a driving force that frequently benefits those who embrace innovation and adapt to evolving technologies. In alignment with this ethos, we are pleased to present a groundbreaking tool designed to propel your business into the future:

Streamlined Installation Process

Recognizing the challenges that often accompany the integration of new machinery, OMTech offers comprehensive onsite installation and training services. Our experts ensure a smooth transition, equipping your staff with the necessary skills to operate the FC-44 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine both effectively and safely.

In the fast-paced manufacturing industry, minimizing operational disruption and quickly familiarizing your team with the FC-44 Fiber Laser Cutter is essential for maintaining efficiency.

Synergy of Efficiency and Quality

In the sphere of manufacturing, balancing efficiency with quality is paramount, and the FC-44 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine excels in this regard. One of its standout features is the significant reduction in kerf, leading to a notable decrease in material waste.

The FC-44 Fiber Laser Cutter is not just a machine; it's a transformative agent that converts waste into value, optimizing material utilization and minimizing costs. Its kerf reduction capability not only conserves materials but also enhances productivity by reducing downtime, thereby fostering a smarter manufacturing process.

Elevating Business Acumen

Experience the transformative power of the FC-44 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in our specialized demonstration room. Engage in a tailored sales consultation to discuss its features and how they align with your specific needs and project objectives.

OMTech has integrated flexible financial solutions into our procurement process, making the FC-44 Fiber Laser Cutter Machine accessible to businesses poised for advancement in manufacturing optimization. The robust two-year warranty underscores our commitment to quality and durability, enhancing customer confidence.

Exploring Exceptional Engineering

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in the United States, the FC-44 Fiber Laser Cutter Machine epitomizes the innovative spirit of OMTech's expert laser engineers. This machine features an exceptional 1.5 - 3-kW industry-leading IPG power source, delivering advanced performance that meets the demands of contemporary manufacturing. A combination of strategic design and precise engineering has resulted in a compact, safety-ensured structure, seamlessly integrating into space-constrained operational environments.

Despite its compact stature, the FC-44 boasts a substantial 4.27 × 4.27 ft sawtooth working table, facilitating the management of light to medium metal fabrication projects with ease and efficiency.