10 Key Factors That Set OMTech Laser's FC Fiber Laser Cutting Line Apart

What is a fiber laser cutting machine? Fiber laser cutters use focus laser beams to cut through workpieces made of various materials. The uses of these robust units range from home crafting to industrial manufacturing. 

Fiber laser cutting machines have become invaluable pieces of equipment across a range of industries. They have replaced obsolete manufacturing methods due to their ability to quickly, accurately, and precisely cut through large volumes of durable materials. The days of large-scale fabrication requiring costly, antiquated techniques that produce subpar products at a snail's pace are long gone.

What Sets OMTech Laser’s FC Fiber Laser Cutting Systems Apart

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We developed our FC line of fiber laser cutters to be durable enough for complex applications while also being reliable and space-efficient. We've partnered with industry leaders to equip all our machines with the quality components you depend on for your business. OMTech is so confident that you'll be satisfied with your FC cutting system that we back each purchase with a 2-year warranty, lifetime customer support, and on-site training and installation.

Impeccable IPG Laser Power Source 

There's a reason why IPG laser is the most advanced fiber laser output manufacturer on the market today. IPG constructs the fiber optics used in our FC line of fiber laser machines with high-quality components and expert craftsmanship. IPG is well-known throughout the industry for producing superior fiber lasers that outperform the competition in terms of performance, efficiency, stability, and maintenance-free operational hours (100,000).

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Save Work Space With Compact Design

If you have a limited-spaced workshop, you don't have to sacrifice quality when investing in a compact metal laser cutter. Our FC-44 fiber cutter machine in particular is built with the intention of fitting easily into a densely packed operational space while still able to deliver pristine metal processing results. We build all our fiber laser cutting machines to provide our customers with an all-in-one solution. The OMTech FC-44 is perfect for a growing metal cutting business because of its size, safety, and affordability. 

Unmatched Cutting Speed and Precision

High cutting rates and precision are the two most desired features in fiber laser machines. As a business, you must combine both to produce high-quality items rapidly and profitably. Unfortunately, standard fiber laser cutters need help delivering units that consistently attain ideal cutting speeds and precision.

OMTech machines offer a speed advantage thanks to our above-mentioned IPG power source. It's also important to note that thicker and harder materials have an effect on speed. Thankfully, our machines are capable of working with a range of materials, including carbon, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

We equip our units with servo motors engineered by Europe-based Schneider to achieve precision within ±0.05 mm. When combined with the fiber optic technology used in our laser heads, this delivers the exceptional precision required for consistent cutting with each job.

Cypcut 2000S Advanced Software

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The software you use with using your fiber laser machine has a direct impact on the entire laser cutting process. You need a program that simplifies the complex steps involved in design, encoding, and transmission. 

With CAD and CAM capabilities, Cypcut 2000S can handle every facet of working with powerful lasers. Cypcut also offers nesting functionality, which is critical to optimizing cut time and material utilization. This user-friendly program eliminates errors by correcting mistakes within imported images, rounding out curves, and extracting duplicates.

Automatic Gas Lubrication Systems

Gas-assist systems are responsible for blowing melted material away from the cutting area. A proper gas-assist system can enhance edge precision while boosting cut speed. For greater control, our customers have the flexibility to choose automated or manual gas assist when operating their machines.    

The same technology that provides gas assist also conducts automatic lubrication for the machine's components. Without the proper lubrication, parts can break, wear prematurely, become corroded, and severely shorten the life of your machine.

State-of-the-art Gantry

All OMTech FC models come with innovative, aerospace-grade gantry overhead structures installed. Each gantry is quality-constructed with aluminum beams that have been treated to reduce stress impacts and improve utilization. Each gantry's triangular configuration provides robust stability and powerful, lightweight performance.

Swiss-engineered Laser Head

Large-scale laser cutting applications require a laser head that works effectively throughout a wide range of power settings. The Swiss-engineered laser heads we use in our equipment are built to perform at various powers and can endure the high pressures they get subjected to during operation. They keep the optics free of obstruction by repelling dust, debris, and air. With a pullout lends mount and quick laser nozzle adjustment, maintenance is a breeze, enabling a range of diverse cutting options.  

US-Based Customer Support Team

Fiber laser cutting machines are dynamic pieces of equipment with numerous moving parts. When you have questions or if things don't go exactly as planned, it is comforting to know that US-based support is available. 

OMTech's support team is trained and standing by to take your inquiries regarding technical issues, shipping, warranty information, troubleshooting, and more. Even better, we want to provide help in a method that is convenient for you. Contact us via email, phone, or book a webcam chat to get answers to all your questions.

On-site Installation and Training

OMTech recognizes that purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine is a substantial investment for your company. We want to help you succeed by providing on-site installation and training. Our US-based technicians are experts in their field and will come to you to walk you and your team through the fundamentals of your new machine. We will teach you the foundations of safety, setup, software, and maintenance.

Customization and Personalization To Business Needs

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With so many fiber laser machine options available, finding the best one for your business can feel overwhelming. We want to help you feel confident in the unit you choose. Our comprehensive website is jam-packed with guides, videos, FAQs, and articles to empower you with the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision. For more extensive assistance, submit a quote or book a sales consultation with an industry professional who is ready to help you find the right machine for your business.

Industry Leading Fiber Laser Systems

When you purchase a machine from OMTech you are gaining a valuable partner in the industry. Our customers are more than just people who purchase our products; they are an integral part of our community. Explore our website today to learn how we can help guide you in your exciting laser cutting adventure.