Crafting Unique Laser-Cut Metal Signs Like a Pro

Laser-cutting projects are experiencing a significant rise in popularity for creating personalized laser-cut signs and intricate metal wall art. This trend has captured the attention of laser enthusiasts worldwide. However, it's important to note that OMTech's fiber-cutting machines are virtually unsuitable for hobbyists. The machines are massive in size and power, taking up too much space for a small business office or personal studio. 

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Laser-cutting projects offer unparalleled flexibility. This allows creators to produce branded business signs according to style and size preferences. Choosing the best OMTech laser cutter for your project is essential to the quality of your finished product and overall experience during the laser cutting process. For example, OMTech's FC-105C Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is tailored for affordable light metal fabrication, featuring a convenient open bed configuration. At the same time, the OMTech FC-44 machine boasts a space-saving compact design that emphasizes safety and caters to light to medium metal fabrications.

Preparing Your Laser Cutting Design

It's best to start with a simple design when crafting custom laser-cut metal signs, especially when creating business signs. One of the most critical aspects of effective signage is ensuring it can be read easily. While it may be tempting to use complicated and fancy fonts, doing so can hinder your sign's legibility. Instead, opt for straightforward, easy-to-read fonts that won't confuse the eye.

Another essential consideration when creating your custom sign is ensuring that the sizing of your words, numbers, and graphics is appropriate for the sign's dimensions. It's also important to remember the distance between your sign and those viewing it to ensure everyone can easily read it up close and far away.

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Selecting the right metal cutting software is as important as choosing the laser cutter machine. Since you will be doing the design work and editing on your computer, the program you opt for should be user-friendly, with all the features you need to create stunning customizable signs. It would help if you familiarized yourself with the following standard terms used to describe the various software options:

  • CAD (computer-aided design) programs assist users in creating the layout for their projects. 
  • CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) programs give the users control over the machine used in the fabrication process.
  • Control software facilitates coded communication between the computer and the laser cutter. 
  • Nesting is a feature of software programs that groups images to speed up cutting time and reduce material waste.

Investing in a single software program that can handle all these functions is more cost-effective than purchasing multiple programs. Cypcut software is an excellent option for beginners and experienced professionals, offering CAD, CAM, control, and nesting functionality. 

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Designing for Stainless Steel and Other Metals

Stainless steel is versatile, corrosion-resistant, and durable, making it a popular material for custom metal signs. However, testing your design and settings on a small area of your sheet is crucial for stainless steel and other metals. Check that the thickness, spacing, and colors are accurate before making the first cut on your final product.

Each type of material you work with has unique requirements when operating a laser cutter machine. Unlike leather and wood, metal does not need to be pre-treated before laser cutting. It is good practice, however, to properly clean your workpiece before engraving. Cleaning your workpiece can be done easily with a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol.   

Step-By-Step Guide to Laser Cutting

Like any crafting technique, using a fiber laser cutter takes practice and skill before achieving perfection. Adequate preparation is imperative, and it is essential to read through all the steps beforehand to eliminate common errors and prevent wasting valuable time and material resources.

Before beginning, gather all your necessary supplies and prepare your workspace. Thoroughly clean the area of dust and debris from your work area and make sure everything is placed conveniently for quick and easy access. Getting into this habit will ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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1. Load the Material Into the Laser Cutting Machine

Load and center your design on your computer screen after you've confirmed that the layout presented in the software is exactly how you want it to appear on your final product. Put on your safety goggles, switch on your laser cutter, and activate the software's nesting function that helps you increase optimal precision by figuring out the area of your cut. Place your workpiece on the unit's workbed after everything appears in order.

2. Position the Workpiece

Move the workpiece around using the laser guiding system as a reference until the images are exactly where you want them. Because the software will automatically adjust the machine's settings to the properties of your specified material, it is vital to use this laser guide tool to center your target. Your design will not translate properly to your workpiece if you choose another point as your guide.  

3. Select the Correct Laser Settings

If you have previously engraved on test material, evaluate the results to adjust your settings accordingly. First, check to ensure the cuts are deep enough. If you want a more profound marking, slow your laser speed and increase your power settings. If the edges of your engravings are rough or jagged, you may need to adjust the width of your laser beam to smooth them out. Regardless of how you calibrate your machine, document the settings somewhere so that you can refer back to them for future projects.

4. Start the Laser Cutting Process

Before continuing, ensure that none of your body parts are in the laser path.  Alternatively, if your laser cutter has a foot pedal, you can also fire up the laser. Never look directly at the laser while operating, even when wearing your safety goggles. 

5. Monitor the Cutting Process

While the unit is operating, observe the work area for any sparks or fires that may ignite. Keeping a fire extinguisher handy is imperative in any such emergency. We recommend using our laser dust collection machine. To determine if you need your laser to perform another pass across the workpiece, keep an eye on cutting depth and the darkness of your forge marks. After completing the process, shut everything down in the opposite order that you turned them on.

Post-Production of Your Custom Metal Sign

After you have shut down your machine, you can use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean your piece as you did in pre-production. Be careful! Your newly cut piece may be extremely hot. Wearing gloves during this process will guarantee that you do not burn yourself or leave smudge marks from your hands on your item. Further, the engraving procedure may have left some sharp edges on the metal, and wearing gloves can protect your fingers from getting cut. Use some fine sandpaper to gently sand down any roughness, if desired. If you plan on painting your sign, you will want the surface to be rough enough for the paint to stick but not so rough as to negatively affect the final texture.  

Safety Hazards When Laser Cutting Metal

It is crucial to note that when you are engraving metal, you may also create toxic dust as a byproduct. Laser dust becomes more common when working with softer materials. Still, it can also occur with hard metals when you operate your machine at high power. Wearing your safety goggles can help prevent these contaminants from entering your eyes. Still, investing in other PPE (personal protective equipment), such as masks and gloves, could also be helpful. If you are exposed to pollutants routinely, consider purchasing a ventilation system designed for laser engraving to keep your workspace and surrounding air free of dangerous particulates, vapors, and fumes.

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