Take Your Metal Cutting In-House by Investing in OMTech's Fiber Cutter Line

Manufacturing across all different industries requires powerful in-house laser cutters to streamline the overall production process for an ideal just-in-time manufacturing solution. Whether you are in the medical industry, electronics, metalworking, or automotive, laser metal cutting is required to create any given minimum viable product. 

These days, many companies are outsourcing their metal cutting to third-party cutting and welding shops. This can result in high additional costs and excruciating wait times, which can hurt a business significantly with slow production turnover rates and dismal profit margins. Whether you are interested in light or heavy metal fabrication, check out OMTech’s brand-new line of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines today! When investing in one of our exceedingly affordable laser cutting machines, rest assured that you will receive a really great bang for your buck and an immensely high ROI ratio as well. 

Why OMTech?

OMTech Laser is a Southern California-based company specializing in CO2 and Fiber laser machinery of all capabilities and sizes. Our products are designed, assembled, serviced, and quality-checked all in the USA by a large team of expert laser engineers. 

OMTech team

What makes OMTech stand out from our competitors is our responsive customer service and technical support team stationed in California that can cater to the needs and inquiries of our customers. Purchase your machine without worry or hesitation as all our machines are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We also offer 2 years of full-service bumper-to-bumper warranty to helpfully assist you on your post-purchase journey. 

Fully assisted machine installation and comprehensive training sessions by our team of expert technicians will be provided with a purchase of any machine from our FC product line. All Fiber Cutter purchases include lifetime product technical support with our experienced specialists. 

Designed and engineered in the US, our FC product line promises high positioning accuracy, maximum safety, and cutting-edge technology. The aerospace-grade machines are corrosion-resistant and equipped with a compact layout and an excellent smoke filtration system. 

Which Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Is Ideal for Your Business? 

OMTech FC-44 

If you are searching for a more compact machine that fits easily into a densely packed operational space while still being able to deliver highly precise metal processing results, OMTech’s FC-44 is the perfect option for you. This compact but powerful machine can be used for light to medium heavy metal fabrications with a powerful laser strength ranging from 1.5kw to 3kw.

Built with a cubic metal safety-covered structure, and an easy single pull-out platform, the machine promises maximum safety and practicality for metal cutting. Equipped with a 1.3m by 1.3m sawtooth work bed area, the machine has more than enough space for all your small medium-sized metal fabrication needs.

OMTech FC-105C 

If you are looking for the most cost-effective and economical Fiber Laser Cutter in the market for light metal fabrication, OMTech’s FC-105C Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is here to take your metal sheet and metal tube cutting to another level.

The OMTech FC-105C comes equipped with a 1.5kw IPG Fiber Laser supported by a Raytools laser head developed in Switzerland. The compact all-in-one open bed table configuration is easily capable of cutting up to 12mm of carbon steel sheets. With financing options as low as $599 a month, OMTech’s FC-105C promises to bring in a high ROI for industry-leading affordability. 

OMTech FC-105

The most desirable fiber laser cutting machine in our product line is undoubtedly the OMTech FC-105. A cutting-edge machine that meets high-quality aerospace standards, this dynamic machine is built for more varied metal fabrication purposes. When purchasing this machine, you have the option of customizing the strength of your fiber laser to accommodate your cutting needs.

It ranges from 1.5kw up to devices with 3kw of IPG laser power, and of course, Raycus laser options are available as well at a much more affordable price point. With a large open bed setting and a 1333mm/s cutting speed, this Fiber Cutting machine can slice through large metal sheets and tubes at lightning-quick speed, massively increasing productivity for businesses in the manufacturing sector.

OMTech FC-510

For a superior solution to meet all your heavy metal fabrication needs, OMTech’s FC-510 is elegantly designed with maximum safety in mind. Cutting thick metal materials can come with lots of unwanted debris and dangerous sparks flying all over your workspace, that is why we designed the FC-510 to be fully enclosed, featuring a pull-out platform for easy material input and output. This dynamic machine is essentially like the FC-105, but it has an enclosed structure to accommodate the high safety standards required to operate on hefty metal materials. With every feature you can possibly want and need from a metal cutting machine, the FC-510 is every manufacturer’s dream machine. 

OMTech FC-510

If you are looking to purchase one of our fiber laser cutting machines, fill out our quote form on our site by clicking get a quote on our site page or speak to one of our sales consultants today by booking a sales consultation call with us. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the purchasing process and find the right machine to meet both your needs and your budget. 

OMTech also provides an easy financing program with monthly rates you cannot refuse. Financing allows you to attain the machine right now and start using it right away without having to pay a large initial amount of money. No documentation is necessary, a quick 4-minute application process, quick approval times, flexible terms, and competitive rates, our partnership with Clicklease financing will help ease the financial commitments of our customers.